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Consultancy from R Bell Tree Services, Norfolk

We offer arboricultural consultancy services. With many years of experience in tree care and consultancy, we are able to provide you with a range of services to diagnose arboreal disorders and advise you of the most suitable solution.


Hazard risk assessments

At R Bell UK Ltd, our Consultant has practical experience in inspecting trees and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Arboriculture from the University of Central Lancaster. We provide a full tree hazard risk assessment service:

  • Individual tree assessment

  • Systematic inspection regimes for large populations of trees 

  • Climbing inspections 

  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment 

  • Tree cavity strength loss calculation 



Woodland conservation and maintenance
In recent years it has been realised that biodiversity is a significant factor of sustainable living. Woodlands are no longer areas just managed for timber production or amenity, they are now important resources for biodiversity. We are specialists in managing woodlands and green spaces to encourage diversity of species.

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